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Grounding - Reclaiming our Connection to Mother Earth

Humans once had an intimate daily relationship with the Earth.  We walked on the Earth every day in our bare feet.  We picked our breakfast off the nearest tree and gathered our water from the nearest stream.  We awoke with the sunrise.  We ceased our work at sunset.  We spent time telling each other stories about the patterns we saw in the stars and marked time by the cycles of the moon.  All from our little corner of the Universe - the Earth.

The conveniences of modern-day life are beautiful, life-saving evolutions in the human species.  But how easy has it become to distance ourselves from this intimate connection with Mother Earth?


The Heartbeat of the Earth

Did you know that the Earth has a heartbeat?  This low electromagnetic frequency is the pulse of the Earth.  It is called the Schumann Resonance, charged by lightning in thunderstorms around the globe.

The frequency of the Schumann Resonance is 7.83 Hz. This is the same frequency range as the Theta/Alpha frequencies of human brain waves.  We produce these brain waves when we are feeling calm, meditative, and relaxed.

Theta waves are considered “the waves of healing”. They are often generated when giving or receiving energy work, such as Reiki.  Some healing modalities even train practitioners to tap into the frequency of the Schumann Resonance as part of their work.

A Healing Exchange

The Earth has a negative electrical charge.  When we touch the ground, we exchange electrons between our bodies and the Earth.  This exchange can neutralize harmful free radicals in our bodies associated with inflammation and other health issues.


Our connection to the Earth is always there for us, supporting and nourishing us.  The pulse continues to beat.  But when we lose our awareness of it, we can insulate ourselves from the benefits of that energetic flow.

So how can we deepen into our awareness of our relationship with the Earth and reclaim the connection?  The answer is Grounding, sometimes called “Earthing”.


Grounding acts as a bridge between the body's energy system and the Earth's energies, allowing for the free flow of energy.  It is a way of intentionally reconnecting to the flow!

Grounding is a way of drawing energy down the central channel of the body.  So, if you are feeling “in your head”, “scattered” into projects or situations outside yourself instead of in your body, or “stuck in a loop” of anxious thoughts, grounding is a great opportunity to shift that energy. (Isn’t it interesting how each of these phrases references a pattern of how your energy is moving in these situations?)

Grounding also helps to:

1.   Release Stagnant Energy

Grounding facilitates the release of stagnant or blocked energy within the body's energy pathways. We surrender the “stuff” we are ready to release to the Earth for recycling. This keeps old junk from clogging up the works and makes space for fresh new energy and patterns to come in.

2.   Balance Energy Centers

Grounding techniques help balance the body's energy centers.  It can give nourishing energy when we are depleted and take away excess energy that is throwing us out of balance.  Grounding ensures our energy centers function harmoniously and contributes to physical, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium.

3.   Integrate Energies

By grounding our energy, we create a sense of integration between the various layers of our being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This integration fosters a Wholistic sense of self and connection with the larger energy field of the Earth.


The good news is, that grounding is as easy as stepping into your back yard.  Here are some techniques you can use to reclaim your connection to the Earth and re-invigorate your vital energy flow.

1.   Get Barefoot

Walking barefoot on natural surfaces allows for direct skin-to-Earth contact. This enables the body to absorb the Earth's energies and promotes a strong sense of grounding.  You can also trade in your rubber-soled shoes for shoes that conduct the Earth’s energy, such as leather moccasins or another grounding shoe.

2.  Visualize

Imagine yourself as a tree, your roots extending from the soles of your feet into the Earth. See your roots traveling through the rich soil, all the way to Earth’s radiant core.

3.  Breathe

Conscious breathing can be combined with grounding. As you inhale, visualize drawing in Earth's energy; as you exhale, release any tension or stagnant energy, allowing it to flow into the Earth.

4.  Tap into Gravity

Notice the places where your body is being supported.  The seat of your chair.  The bottoms of your feet.  Notice your awareness of the weight of gravity increasing at the bottom of each breath.  Feel yourself being gently drawn towards the heart of the Mother - Earth.

Our connection to the Earth is our birthright.  This planet is our home. We are born of it and our bodies return to it. The Earth is intimately integrated with our energies, our wellbeing, and our health.  It provides what we need to survive and to thrive.

By incorporating these grounding techniques into our daily lives, we can tap into the Earth's nurturing energy, harmonize our own energy systems, and reclaim our connection to Mother Earth.

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