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Free Yourself from New Year's Resolutions - Embrace Winter Rest

The clock has struck midnight.  The champagne has been toasted.  And the New Year’s Resolution setting begins.

Before you start to empty your pantry of all the food you’ve vowed never to eat again and try to find the last parking spot at the gym, reconsider. 


Not even two weeks have passed since we stepped into the season of Winter.  Winter is a season when nature is dormant, taking a well-deserved rest after the exuberance of autumn.

"Pumpkin Calendar" by Sam Pugh. Used with permission. On Instagram @pughsketches

Trees shed their leaves, animals hibernate, and the earth seems to exhale, settling into a serene slumber.

We, like the rest of nature, have spent months growing, producing, and harvesting.  What if now is also the time for us to rest?

This piece by Sam Pugh entitled "Pumpkin Calendar" is an amazing illustration of the cycle of life. One of which we are a part! So if you feel a bit like a rotted pumpkin after the busyness of the past few months, that is actually right on schedule!

During this time we can draw inspiration from nature's wisdom.  We can pause, rejuvenate, and gather strength for the inevitable burst of life that spring will bring.

We can answer the call to deep rest.


Imagine yourself as a seed during winter – seemingly lifeless on the surface, but brimming with potential and energy beneath. This tiny, still seed holds the blueprint for all that it will become. Just as a seed needs time in the soil to absorb nutrients and prepare for germination, we too can use the winter months to reflect, nourish our minds and bodies, and cultivate the energy needed for personal growth.

Get warm under your blankets.

Sip tea.

Take baths.

Read nourishing books.

Make soup.

Instead of pushing relentlessly towards resolutions that may feel forced, allow yourself to be receptive to the whispers of your inner self. Give space for introspection and self-care.


Rather than succumbing to the pressure of traditional New Year's resolutions, why not free yourself from the never-ending pressure to press on? Instead, align with nature.  Focus on nurturing the seeds of intentions within you. Trust these seeds to germinate and blossom organically as Spring approaches and the energy of growth renews.

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